House of Commons
EDM #1730
Tabled 18 October 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the recent campaign started by the female pupils of Willingdon School, in Eastbourne constituency, which builds on the work of previous supporters to create a Women's Equality Day in the UK; calls for Women's Equality Day to be established on the date of the Spring Bank Holiday every year; asks for this to be known in future as the Women's Equality Bank Holiday, in order to celebrate the long journey to women's votes, which began with the presentation of the first petition to Parliament on 7 June 1866, continued with the first extension of suffrage to some women on 6 February 1918 and concluded with the granting of universal suffrage on 2 July 1928; and further calls on the Government to establish Women's Equality Day on the Spring Bnk Holiday in law as soon as possible.