House of Commons
EDM #1881
Tabled 27 November 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates the All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability for its work with Changing Places; further congratulates Zack Kerr from Accrington for his petition calling on Government investment to help fund the building of more Changing Places toilets in motorway service stations which received 145,000 signatures; welcomes the Government's response to invest £2 million to build Changing Places toilets in motorway service stations; notes that there is more to do ensure everyone has the dignity in accessing adequate toilet facilities outside of the home; asserts that there is a great disparity of provision in different parts of the UK; further notes that overwhelming majority of Government and local authority buildings, hospitals, GP surgeries, sporting venues, restaurants, pubs, train stations and large shops do not contain a Changing Places toilet; and calls on the Government to raise awareness by providing Government guidance on the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, undertaking a public information campaign and calling on all owners and operators of buildings used by the public to install Changing Places toilets.

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