House of Commons
EDM #1902
Tabled 04 December 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises the reports from UK festival organisers of increasingly onerous bureaucratic burdens, delays and refusals of visit visas for international artists invited to attend their events, including the world leading festivals in Edinburgh; expresses concern that frustrations with the process, coupled with increasing perceptions of the UK as being a hostile destination, will disrupt programmes and deter performers from appearing here, damaging the competitiveness of the UK’s creative sector and impacting on the ability of festivals to remain open and welcoming platforms for global exchange and debate, at a time when this is urgently needed; notes with deep concern that the difficulties may be compounded by Brexit if performers from the EEA become subject to the same flawed system; further notes the immense economic, social and cultural value of the UK’s creative scene; and urges the Government to streamline and simplify the process for all visiting artists to ensure our festivals can continue to thrive.

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