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EDM (Early Day Motion) 1937: tabled on 17 December 2018

Tabled in the 2017-19 session.

This motion has been signed by 5 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

Motion text

That this House believes the public has a right to know how Members would vote on the different choices facing the country regarding the UK leaving the EU; believes that Members should have an opportunity as soon as possible to register their vote on a range of options including a reformed Northern Irish backstop, leaving the European Union with no deal, extending Article 50, entering into a future Norway-style relationship with the European Union, entering into a future Canada-style relationship with the European Union, and holding a new referendum; notes that this course of action could act as a powerful guide to the Government during its ongoing discussions with the European Union; and calls for sufficient time to be granted for this course of action to take place.

There are no withdrawn signatures for this motion.