House of Commons
EDM #1951
Tabled 20 December 2018
2017-19 Session
That this House regrets that the United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Foundation (UKHMF) chose the day before the Christmas parliamentary recess to submit its controversial National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre planning application to the City of Westminster; notes that the application is not yet available for consideration by interested people; further notes that the UKHMF has failed to respond fully and appropriately to successive Freedom of Information requests and has not, with the honourable exception of the present chairman Peter Freeman, talked to the save Victoria Tower Garden group of experts and local residents; calls on the Government and the UKHMF to reconsider options for a fitting National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre that can be welcomed by all and that meets more of the sensible aims of the consultation in September 2015, including the possibility of the Memorial being placed on College Green with the learning centre developed at and with the Imperial War Museum; and asks that Victoria Tower Gardens with its small memorials and children's playground be preserved as a quiet park.

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