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EDM #2231
Tabled 29 June 1993
1992-93 Session
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That this House congratulates Scottish Labour Youth and the National Union of Students on their concerted and vigorous campaign against the proposed visit to Scotland by Jean-Marie Le Pen; urges all honourable Members of Parliament who oppose fascism to support the lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 30th June; condemns the European Community for providing funding from the public purse to facilitate this visit by Le Pen; calls upon Her Majesty's Government to prove that it stands firm against fascism by conveying to Le Pen and his followers that neither they nor their extreme political dogma are welcome in this country; and further calls upon her Majesty's Government to oppose and condemn fascism in all its forms in all parts of the world.

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Mrs Maria Fyfe
"after 'on', insert 'the success of'."
Tabled 30 June 1993
4 Signatures
Mrs Maria Fyfe
"after 'Le Pen', insert 'which has now been abandoned'."
Tabled 30 June 1993
5 Signatures