House of Commons
EDM #1981
Tabled 17 January 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises the urgent necessity for a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey; considers that President Erdogan's turn to unrestrained repression only deepens existing social divisions; acknowledges the positive proposals made by the Kurds to achieve peace and reconciliation; urges the Foreign Secretary to intercede with Turkey to end its illegal isolation and mistreatment of jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on Imrali Island Prison which has continued for 20 years and whose present total isolation is now entering its third year without any news of his circumstances received by his lawyers or family, contributing to unrest among the Kurdish population and increased repression by the State which is further destabilising Turkey; and calls on the Government to make it absolutely clear to President Erdogan that the suppression of political parties and the jailing of elected leaders are totally unacceptable in any country that wants to be seen as an advanced modern democracy.