House of Commons
EDM #1993
Tabled 22 January 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates the Office of the Government Chief Whip on reaching its centenary year; further congratulates Sir Roy Stone, Principal Private Secretary, on his knighthood in the 2019 New Year's Honours list; notes that Sir Roy is only the fourth person since 1919 to hold the position of Principal Private Secretary to the Government Chief Whip; salutes Sir Roy's predecessors, Sir Murdo Maclean, Sir Freddie Warren and Sir Charles Harris; acknowledges the fine work that Sir Roy who, with the support of a small but excellent team of civil servants, has performed as usual channels for over 20 years providing a vital conduit between Government and Opposition parties while maintaining the finest traditions of the civil service; and wishes the Government Chief Whip's Office all the very best for the next 100 years.

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