House of Commons
EDM #2041
Tabled 30 January 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises that Six Nations Rugby, the Northern Hemisphere showpiece, which features England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy, will see the cream of European rugby meet across five rounds, culminating in the final set of games in March; notes that last year's tournament attracted 72,000 fans a game in the stadiums, leading sport's global standings above American Football's NFL in second and the FIFA World Cup in third; further notes that all the matches are live and free to all on the BBC and ITV and in recent years have attracted audiences of up to 10 million; expresses concern at reports that the Six Nations could disappear off free to air television if rugby's authorities push through revolutionary plans to create a new World League incorporating the Six Nations; believes that the Six Nations meets the criteria of a listed event which is generally felt to have special national resonance and which contains an element which serves to unite the nation, a shared point on the national calendar, not solely of interest to those who follow the sport in question; and urges the Government to begin an immediate consultation on the proposition that all Six Nations Rugby matches should be added to the list of protected events which must be offered at a fair and reasonable price to free to air television stations.