House of Commons
EDM #2160
Tabled 07 March 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes since 2010 pay increases in the civil service have not kept up with inflation; is aware that since 2010 average salary levels in the civil service have fallen in value, by comparison with inflation, by between 1.1 per cent (consumer price index) and 1.9 per cent (retail price index) per year; further notes that civil service average pay has fallen in comparison, during this period, with the rest of the public sector by between 11.4 per cent (retail price index) and 8.6 per cent (consumer price index); is concerned that due to the 1 per cent pay cap, members of the Public and Commercial Services Union average salary has fallen by £2110 per year; is alarmed that funding for 2019 pay increases has been set at 1 per cent and that increases can only be sought by departments in return for staff terms and conditions; notes that there are over 200 sets of delegated pay negotiations in the civil service and that the Public and Commercial Services Union is calling for a return to national pay bargaining to ensure equal and fair pay for their members across the civil service and to address the worsening issue of pay equality and progression; acknowledges the unions intention to ballot members in a dispute over pay; and calls on the Government to urgently address the issue of civil service pay and reward those hard working and dedicated civil servants with a fair and above inflation pay rise.

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