House of Commons
EDM #2179
Tabled 13 March 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House warmly congratulates the BBC on its recent announcement that parents who work at the organisation are to receive additional maternity or paternity pay should their baby be born prematurely; recognises that this new policy will mean that for any baby born before 37 weeks, full pay will be extended by the number of days the baby is born before the due date for mothers and by up to two weeks' full pay for partners; commends the good intentions of this change in policy, which provides reassurance that full support will be given throughout the period between the baby's premature arrival and the original due date, and protects the full length of the parent's maternity or paternity leave; and encourages other employers to follow the example of the BBC in providing additional support to their valued members of staff who are dealing with the difficulties of a premature birth.