House of Commons
EDM #2196
Tabled 19 March 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes the wonderful legacy of St Patrick and his theology which provided us with a tremendous example of our three in one God as shown in the three leaf clover; further notes the rich history that Ulster enjoys due to St Patrick's choice to come back to the land of his captivity to lead the people to Jesus; highlights the fact that whilst it is wonderful to spend time enjoying the celebrations that St Patrick's message was not one of celebration of Ireland but rather was one of the celebration of salvation through faith in Christ alone; reminds those who thought it appropriate to hold banners telling the English to get out of Ireland that St Patrick was British and chose to come to Ireland to love and lead people to God; and further highlights the irony of that sign England get out of Ireland held by Sinn Fein on a day celebrating the work of a British Missionary in Ireland.

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