House of Commons
EDM #2311A1
Tabled 24 April 2019
2017-19 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Crispin Blunt on 23 April 2019
This is amendment number 1

Suggested Amendment

"delete all after "recognised";" and insert "and believes that the Speaker has acted to uphold these principles and has become a credit to both the House and UK democracy in general.""

Original Motion Text

That this House notes that Erskine May states that "The chief characteristics attaching to the office of Speaker in the House of Commons are authority and impartiality"; further notes that it states that "Confidence in the impartiality of the Speaker is an indispensable condition of the successful working of procedure, and many conventions exist which have as their object not only to ensure the impartiality of the Speaker but also to ensure that his impartiality is generally recognised"; believes that it is impossible for this House to sustain belief in the impartiality of the right hon. Member for Buckingham; and therefore has no confidence in the Speaker.

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