House of Commons
EDM #2330
Tabled 25 April 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House commends Scotland’s ambition to deliver a socially just transition to a carbon neutral society; notes transition provides huge opportunities for Scotland to harness its enormous renewables resources, with industrial strengths in battery storage and smart grids and technological breakthroughs such as floating offshore windfarms and tidal power developments; further notes the carbon neutral age can deliver a future that is not only greener, but also healthier, wealthier and fairer through the creation of high-quality jobs; welcomes news that a key mission of the new Scottish National Investment Bank will be to support the transition to carbon neutral society; commends the actions taken by the Scottish Government to support jobs in the domestic supply chain such as establishing the National Manufacturing Institute, convening a national summit in May in addition to measures on energy efficiency; cautions that we seize these economic opportunities whilst ensuring that people and communities aren’t left behind as they were during Scotland’s devastating deindustrialisation in the 1980s; notes the jobs delivered by the domestic oil and gas industry which is playing a vital role in supporting the carbon neutral transition; welcomes Scottish Government initiatives to support this including the National Retraining Partnership and the Just Transition Commission which includes two trade union representatives and in whose development the STUC was instrumental; and urges the UK Government to ditch its nuclear obsession, and support Scotland’s renewables revolution including onshore wind and technologies such as carbon capture which can help deliver net zero whilst protecting jobs.