House of Commons
EDM #2341
Tabled 30 April 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes with alarm reports of the execution of 37 men in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's largest mass execution to date; further notes reports that many of those men were subject to brutal torture; observes that three of those executed were juveniles; further observes that five of those men were reportedly executed after one of their number allegedly confessed to having sexual relations with the four others; highlights that the United Nations has condemned the executions and questioned the validity of the convictions; shares the outrage expressed by human rights groups worldwide at these executions; believes that this latest example of brutality and the flagrant abuse of international law by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires a robust response from the international community; calls on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to end the torture and executions of its people; and further calls on the Government to make the strongest possible representations to the Saudi authorities.

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