House of Commons
EDM #2366
Tabled 07 May 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes 20-26 May 2019 is National Epilepsy Week; recognises the work of SUDEP Action and other charities on improving outcomes for people with epilepsy and their families; notes with concern that there are at least 21 epilepsy deaths weekly in the UK, many of which are potentially avoidable; expresses concern that many of these deaths occur among those who are vulnerable and struggle to access the services and support they need; acknowledges significant gaps and variation across clinical and policy settings regarding the complexity of epilepsy risks and the importance of effective management; recognises the Prevent21 Summit’s recommendation that more can be done to support the spread of good practice across the UK and better signpost bereaved families to SUDEP Action; congratulates SUDEP Action and their partners on their 2019 win of the prestigious BMJ Education Team of the Year Award; supports the provision of a simple free innovative solution in epilepsy risk management through a standardised SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist and EpSMon app, available for all clinicians and people living with epilepsy; further acknowledges the impact this work has had on personalised care, risk communication and shared decision-making by supporting clinical decision making and empowering patient self management; strongly encourages the creation of an empathetic and holistic approach to patient care and safety which would improve outcomes for many people and tackle avoidable deaths; and therefore again calls on Governments across the UK to work with SUDEP Action towards achieving this goal.

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