House of Commons
EDM #2416
Tabled 22 May 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises World Pre-Eclampsia day on 22 May 2019, following from the first ever debate on this important issue in Parliament; welcomes the steps made in reducing maternal mortality in the UK over the generations, but also recognises that this condition affects up to 10 per cent of pregnancies worldwide and is the leading cause of maternal and infant death; notes that 1000 babies die in the UK each year due to pre-eclampsia related complications; understands that identifying the signs of pre-eclampsia early is vital in combating the illness and therefore raising awareness of the symptoms amongst mothers and health professionals is vital; recognises that the Placental Growth Factor test is an important tool in identifying women at risk of pre-eclampsia and calls for it to be more widely available throughout the UK; acknowledges the long-term health risks for women who develop pre-eclampsia; pays tribute to the very important work carried out by the charitable organisation, Action on Pre-Eclampsia; and calls on the UK Government to commit to doing all it can to improve research, treatment and detection of pre-eclampsia save the lives of babies and mothers.

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