House of Commons
EDM #2421
Tabled 22 May 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes the lack of specialist support officers for young asylum seekers in asylum accommodation; recognises that many young asylum seekers have faced unimaginable trauma and experiences; expresses deep concern at the very high prevalence of mental ill health amongst young asylum seekers and the high number of age disputed children who have been wrongly placed in accommodation with adults; welcomes the proposals by Refugee Rights Europe for a Youth Welfare Officer in every accommodation centre and in each area where there is dispersal accommodation across the UK; notes that this proposal mirrors the Government’s Care Leaver Strategy; and urges the Government to consider this proposal as part of the new Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts, to ensure all young asylum seekers are assigned a welfare officer to hold safeguarding responsibilities and to advise them on engaging with the Home Office and public services.

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