House of Commons
EDM #2429
Tabled 04 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House acknowledges the Children’s Future Food Inquiry report detailing the poor state of children’s food across the four UK nations; observes that 19 per cent of children in the UK live in households which have experienced food insecurity; emphasises that more than one in five children are already overweight or obese in reception year at age four to five, increasing to one in three by Year 6 at age 10-11; recognises that all children deserve the best start in life; affirms the need for the monitoring of children’s food to protect and ensure all children have access to free water provision and good quality nutritious food which meet the Government’s Eatwell guide; and calls on the Government to establish a Children’s Food Watchdog to monitor and improve the quality of children’s food provision to ensure all children have a fair chance to grow, develop and learn.

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