House of Commons
EDM #2452
Tabled 05 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes the success of the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit through its intelligence-led role in prevention and detection of crimes relating to a wide range of wildlife issues; recognises that the unit provides specialist skills, knowledge and expertise to the Police, UK Border Force, HM Revenue and Customs, Animal Plant and Health Agency, EUROPOL and INTERPOL, the UK Government and a significant network of non-government and civil society organisations; considers that the Unit has a vital role to play in fulfilling the UK's commitments to combating illegal wildlife trade internationally; recognises the pro-active steps taken by the unit in the formation of a cyber-enabled wildlife crime priority delivery group; further recognises that permanent funding would allow the unit to plan ahead and retain expert staff; and calls on the Government to provide permanent funding to the National Wildlife Crime Unit.

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