House of Commons
EDM #2471
Tabled 11 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the launch of Barclays’ new economic growth initiative Thriving Local Economies in Kilmarnock on Tuesday 11 June 2019; understands that the bank is to join forces with local government, business and education leaders to identify how to boost the local economy through a landmark study and over a three-year period introduce bespoke programmes and support designed to help business growth, skills and training and aspirations and confidence; recognises that Kilmarnock has been specifically chosen for the pilot due to Barclays’ research which shows just three in ten or 28 per cent of businesses in Kilmarnock feel optimistic about the local economy; understands that this follows on from another major investment announced by Barclays in Scotland recently following the news that the bank will create 2,500 new jobs at its new technology centre in Glasgow; further understands that as a first step in the Thriving Local Economies initiative all secondary schools in Kilmarnock will have access to the bank’s LifeSkills programme which aims to equip people with skills they need for the world of work; and commends Barclays for introducing bespoke actions for the people of Kilmarnock to boost aspirations and future work skills in the local community.

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