House of Commons
EDM #2475
Tabled 11 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Auchinleck Talbot on a remarkable season winning the league followed by its most recent Junior Scottish Cup victory in the final hosted by Hamilton FC defeating Largs Thistle 2-0; commends Largs Thistle for a spirited display as runners-up and notes the victory was Auchinleck’s 13th Scottish Cup triumph which adds to their reputation as Scotland’s most successful junior side; notes that in terms of winning national trophies they are the most successful team in Ayrshire senior or junior; congratulates them on reaching the fifth round of the senior Scottish Cup noting that they beat Ayr United in the fourth round at a time when Ayr United were second in Scottish football’s second tier of league football; notes that the victory over Ayr was described by some as the greatest result in Talbot’s history and observes that for a village of 3,500 to produce so many successful teams is remarkable; further notes that no other team has won more than five Scottish Junior Cups in total and that the current management team of Tommy Sloan and Allan McCluckie have won seven cups in their time alone at Talbot so far; recognises that the community support is second to none and the village of Auchinleck was a sea of black and yellow decorations showing the pride the community have in the football club; and calls on East Ayrshire Council to formally recognise the most successful Junior team in history on Auchinleck’s town boundary street signage.

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