House of Commons
EDM #2513
Tabled 19 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Cranhill Development Trust's community shop, The Cabin, which is based in Glasgow East constituency, on winning Best Community Initiative at the Evening Times Streets Ahead Awards 2019; commends the community shop for its not-for-profit model, which gives local people in Cranhill the choice of healthy, low-cost fruit, vegetables and other everyday essentials, including food grown in the adjoining community garden; praises the work of Cranhill Development Trust in recognising local need for provision of a shop in the area to prevent Cranhill being an urban food desert; recognises that The Cabin has won this award despite having only been trading for three months, which is a significant achievement; notes that the Evening Times Streets Ahead Awards, which are now in their eighth year, recognise the efforts of local people within the communities of Glasgow to improve their local areas for the benefit of everyone who lives and works there; and wishes The Cabin and Cranhill Development Trust every continuing success in the future.

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