House of Commons
EDM #2544
Tabled 26 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House celebrates Glassford Gala Day which is a wonderful historic event, which will be 80 years old this year within the village of South Lanarkshire and is held on the third Saturday in June, it is an annual celebratory occasion that brings together local children, families, and local organisations; further congratulates the Gala Day Court Queen Emily Laird, Retiring Queen Lauryn Urquhart, Lord Caleb Whyte, Lord Rory Anderson, Lord Andrew Hall, Lord Caiden Whyte, Maid Brooke Anderson, Maid Erin Hamilton, Maid Stephanie Watson, Maid Anya McCusker, Page Boy Lewis Foster, Flower Girl Harper Grove, and Flower Girl Sarah Kapila; and celebrates all the hard work of the committee that makes it a wonderful event and wish all well for many years and celebrations to come.

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