House of Commons
EDM #2543
Tabled 26 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House celebrates Stonehouse Gala Day as a wonderful historic event, which will be 71 years old this year within the town of South Lanarkshire and is an annual celebratory occasion that brings together local schoolchildren, families and local organisations; further congratulating the Gala Day Court Queen Ava Kennedy, Champion Ewan McKinley, Senior Herald Leo Clark, Herald Jamie Lawrenson, Maid of Honour Charley Cameron, Maids Sarah Fairley, Nikki Shearer, and Erin Allen, Flower Girls Halle Rodger and Lily Millar, and Page Boys Keane Little Bentley and Finlay Steele; and celebrates all the hard work of the committee that make it a wonderful event which all will remember for many years and celebrations to come.

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