House of Commons
EDM #2542
Tabled 26 June 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes that the Chief Medical Officers' guidelines for low-risk drinking were updated in January 2016 to 14 units per week; recognises that consumers have a right to know information about alcohol products so they can make informed choices about their drinking, yet only 16 per cent of the public are aware of the up-to-date guidelines; further notes that, two and a half years after the new guidelines were published, a survey of 320 products found that two-thirds of alcohol labels still displayed the old guidelines; recognises that the pregnancy logo and number of units are not legally required to be shown on labels; acknowledges that the lack of information on alcohol labels is an anomaly compared with other food and drink labels; is concerned that the current self-regulatory and voluntary system for ensuring alcohol labels contain correct and up-to-date information is failing; and calls on the Government to make it mandatory to include on alcohol labels the units per serving or container, and the Chief Medical Officers' warnings against drinking during pregnancy.