House of Commons
EDM #2571
Tabled 02 July 2019
2017-19 Session
There has been an amendment to this EDM.
That this House recognises the important role of commercial radio as a trusted source of news, information and entertainment for a diverse range of audiences across the UK; understands that radio now operates in a highly competitive digital audio market that includes streaming services which threaten the future viability of UK radio; appreciates the recognition by MPs, Government and Ofcom that radio needs to be able to adapt to compete effectively in a digital age; welcomes the revised localness guidelines published by Ofcom following widespread consultation with parliamentarians and the public; further understands that the guidelines explicitly protect the provision of local news and information provided by local journalists, so that this remains a key element of local commercial radio output; further welcomes the fact that this commitment to local news will be backed up by regulation and continue to be enforced by Ofcom; and believes that these changes will help to protect a crucial element of local commercial radio output while enabling it to invest further in the best possible range of services for audiences.

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