House of Commons
EDM #2578
Tabled 03 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House is concerned to learn that Lizanne Zietsman, who lives on the lsle of Arran, has been given notice by the Home Office to leave the UK by 12 July 2019; is aware that Lizanne has made her life on Arran, has a husband and has worked hard to build up a successful business; notes that she is held in deep affection by her fellow islanders who value the contribution she has made to the island and its wider community; is deeply concerned and upset at the prospect of her imminent departure; understands that Ms Zietsman can provide evidence that she meets the minimum income threshold; and urges the Home Office to urgently review this decision so that Ms Zietsman can continue to live her life on Arran with her husband and the community which holds her in such high esteem.