House of Commons
EDM #2596
Tabled 10 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House recognises and appreciates the outstanding contribution to public life given by Sir Kim Darroch, lately Her Majesty's Ambassador to the United States of America; condemns the leak of secret diplomatic cables that have precipitated Sir Kim Darroch's resignation from his post in Washington D.C.; demands that every effort is made to bring those responsible for this leak to justice; deplores the public attacks on Sir Kim Darroch and the Prime Minister by the President of the United States of America; believes that these outbursts only serve to underline the pre-eminent judgement of Sir Kim Darroch; calls upon Her Majesty's Government to convey the House's sincere thanks and admiration to Sir Kim Darroch and his family for their commitment to public service to date and the House's hope that the UK benefits from his service for many years to come.

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