House of Commons
EDM #2607
Tabled 15 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House applauds the victory by the men's England and Wales cricket team at the final of the lnternational Cricket Council's World Cup held at Lords; notes that it is the first men's England cricket team to win an ICC World Cup in any format; congratulates the team on its performance in the final and during the competition; further congratulates the New Zealand team on its outstanding contribution to an exhilarating final and competition; reaffirms the message of unity and diversity given by the England captain Eoin Morgan after the game; praises the contributions of the teams from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, lndia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the West lndies to an excellent tournament; observes that the victory by the England and Wales men's team and the resounding success of the staging of the tournament with well attended matches and over 675 million unique viewers across the competition as a whole reflects the hard work of people at all levels of the England and Wales Cricket Board; and hopes that this thrilling exhibition will encourage more participation in cricket across the UK by boys, girls, men and women.

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