House of Commons
EDM #2614
Tabled 16 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Falkirk on being voted Britain's Best Walking Neighbourhood; recognises the commitment by Falkirk Council, organisations and local communities to maintaining and expanding great walkways; notes that improvements to walkways have led to the trebling of the path network to 617 km; acknowledges the hard work of the other nine towns that were shortlisted for the award; believes that Falkirk is well-known for the world-leading Helix Park with its iconic giant horse head sculptures and for the engineering spectacle that is the Falkirk Wheel; further acknowledges the benefit of walkable neighbourhoods, which bring not only physical, but mental health benefits; further notes that making it easier to choose walking over driving helps the environment by reducing congestion and improving air quality, which brings communities closer to reaching net zero carbon emissions; and hopes that Falkirk will continue to expand its walkways.

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