House of Commons
EDM #2615
Tabled 17 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the redevelopment of Holm Park, the home of Clydebank Football Club and Yoker Athletic Football Club; notes that the inaugural match at the redeveloped ground was played between the clubs on Saturday 13 July; congratulates supporters and board members of both clubs and West Dunbartonshire Council on their dedicated efforts to create facilities that will benefit both clubs and strengthen the clubs' relationship and connection with the local community; further notes that it has been 23 years since Clydebank FC left New Kilbowie Park, during which time they have been tenants at a number of grounds across the west of Scotland but that it is now #GoodToBeHolm; believes that this is the beginning of a new positive era for both Clydebank FC and Yoker Athletic FC; and wishes them both the best of luck for the season ahead.

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