House of Commons
EDM #2618
Tabled 17 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House notes the strong historical ties between Somaliland and the UK; congratulates the people of Somaliland on the 59th Anniversary of Somaliland’s independence as a British protectorate; recognises the 1991 declaration of independence from Somalia; applauds the cities and boroughs across the UK including Cardiff, Sheffield, Tower Hamlets and Birmingham that recognise Somaliland as independent; believes that the common interests of the UK and Somaliland in the region will be advanced by continued close cooperation; welcomes the strong cooperation between the UK Government and Somaliland through development aid, help in sustaining democratic institutions and promoting trade and business relationships in Somaliland; encourages the Government to urge the Somalian Government to refrain from politicising humanitarian and economic development; recognises the importance of the historic visit of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Somaliland to Hargeisa in 2018 in building positive relations; and calls on the UK Government to formally recognise Somaliland as an independent state and to take steps to encourage dialogue with other international partners, the Government of Somalia and the African Union to help bring about a peaceful and lasting settlement in the region based on the self-determination of the people of Somaliland.

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