House of Commons
EDM #2622
Tabled 17 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the progress made by Ukraine in its democratic development with the conduct of further elections to the Ukrainian Parliament on 21 July 2019; notes however that the big business power of the oligarchs remains the dominant influence on the politics and economy of Ukraine; welcomes efforts of the candidate Vitaliy Dudin, in Kryviy Rih, to give a voice to Ukrainian labour in the Parliament; and further welcomes his manifesto for Democracy for all and not the millionaires, for trade union freedoms and expanded civil rights, for Prosperity for all, for progressive taxation of oligarchs’, raising the living wage and affordable rates for household utilities, economy for all, production not for the sake of profit but for the satisfaction of people’s needs, an ecologically sustainable use of natural resources, socialisation of production under the control of work collectives and independent unions, development for all, an end to austerity, genuinely free education and health care, security and solidarity for all, the restoration of peace and the territory of Ukraine, withdrawal of foreign armies and mercenaries from Ukraine, opposition to attempts to divide the people of Ukraine, liberation from Russian imperialism and IMF debt.

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