House of Commons
EDM #2644
Tabled 23 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Defend Fife on organising what has become an annual festival commemorating Fife's WWII military history; notes that the festival is now in its third year and hopes to attract 5,000 people to Dunfermline this August, with a range of attractions lined up incorporating battle re-enactments, exhibitions, film, music and dance; further notes that the festival honours the contribution not only of Fifers but also of the Polish soldiers who helped defend Fife during WWII, and that this year the extra themes will be air raids on the Firth of Forth, the Polish Navy in Rosyth and the Warsaw Uprising; pays credit to social enterprise Forth Pilgrim Ltd which delivers the annual event, and hopes that this year will be the biggest Defend Fife festival yet.

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