House of Commons
EDM #2645
Tabled 23 July 2019
2017-19 Session
This House congratulates Moving On – Kilmarnock Station Heritage Trust on wining Scotrail Community Project of the year award; notes that the Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust was formed in 2014 to bring a number of redundant railway offices into community use, with the first phase of the refurbishment project being completed in August 2015, creating bright modern facilities, which offer office space and meeting rooms used by a range of local groups: a coffee shop; book shop; an active travel hub and a room to house the Glasgow and South Western Railway Association archives; further notes it is about people and places and that the charity offers volunteering and training opportunities for people affected by addiction, mental health issues, loneliness and isolation, as well as providing rehabilitation opportunities for ex-offenders, exemplified by the Moving On Project, an outstanding social prescribing project which assists over 200 people in the local community per year, delivering physical and mental health wellbeing activity to assist those struggling with adversity, including recovery from addiction, isolation, mental health issues or bereavement; further the Moving On Project supports individuals in the community affected by social isolation to recover, rediscover skills and interests, and re-connect with those around them; commends the funding provided by the Big Lottery and the Robertson Trust; congratulates Scotrail for instigating the awards process and wishes the Trust, its volunteers and those involved with the Moving On Project best wishes for the future and continued success.

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