House of Commons
EDM #2661
Tabled 24 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House welcomes the Period Positive Pledge which has now been adopted by institutions and organisations across the world and was created by Chella Quint in Sheffield, the first Period Positive City; notes that menstrual taboos and the habits that uphold them lead to negative consequences like period poverty, late diagnoses of reproductive health problems, sustainability issues, unsafe behaviour, gender discrimination and social exclusion; calls on the Government to adopt the Period Poverty Pledge by ensuring that all menstrual products and issues are correctly named in official documents and euphemisms such as sanitary and feminine hygiene are removed, promoting awareness and the rejection of embodied shame and challenging negative media and corporate messages around menstruation; and further calls on the Government to ensure that menstruation education is delivered in schools with training for teachers, to all genders and to people on the margins without corporate branding or influence and to ensure that menstruation education and the wider menstrual discourse in the UK is elevated beyond product provision and separated from product sales or corporate involvement, that menstrual literacy education is funded to be delivered in schools and communities with a high level of expert-delivered training for all schools and all teachers and that any school or community-based interventions into period poverty are undertaken sustainably and without corporate branding or influence.