House of Commons
EDM #2663
Tabled 24 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House honours the players, coaches, and chairmen who have contributed to the 50 year history of East Kilbride Youth Club's excellence and success; thanks the founding members of the club, including Ronnie Balloch, Jimmy Hunter, Jimmy Blyth, and Willie Hendry, who began the club; appreciates the families who have contributed players to the club, particularly Robert, Scott, and Alex McLeavy, and Robert Sr., Robert Jr, and Aaron McKinnon; praises past recipients of the Player's and Coaches' Player of the Year Award, including Luke Duffy, Mike Lesley, Keiron Mclean, Callum Kurlender, Sean Burns, Matthew Alison, Paul Joyce, and Joe Duffy; salutes the players who spent 10 years or longer with the club from the 2003 team, including Enan Wood, Connor Wilson, Craig Munro, Lewis Craig, and Lewis Sidwell; and applauds former coach and current treasurer Alex Lawrence for his 25 years working with the club.

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