House of Commons
EDM #2664
Tabled 24 July 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House honours the memory of Sheena Wardhaugh, a lifelong educator and advocate for her fellow teachers and who was an active member, and eventually both President and Fellow of the Educational Institute of Scotland, where she worked tirelessly to improve Scottish education; remembers her role as a promoter of the arts, and her performances with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and the East Kilbride Theatre Group, where she directed plays and pantos; and thanks her for her extensive service as a Councillor for the constituents of Ward 8 - East Kilbride North, where she served from July 2007 until her passing on 2 June of 2019; and sends condolences to Sheena Wardhaugh's family and loved ones and thanks Sheena Wardhaugh for her work.

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