House of Commons
EDM #2676
Tabled 03 September 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Garnethill Synagogue on celebrating its 140th Anniversary; recognises that the building, designed by John McLeod of Dumbarton in conjunction with London based architect, philanthropist, social reformer and Jewish communal leader Nathan Solomon Joseph, was the first purpose-built permanent synagogue in Scotland; notes that the construction of the synagogue was supported by donations from the local congregation; further notes that the official opening on 9 September 1879 was consecrated by Rabbi Hermann Adler; acknowledges that the synagogue is now a grade A listed building and has been recognised as one of the UK’s top historical synagogues by Jewish Heritage UK; understands that the Garnethill Synagogue Preservation Trust (GSPT) was set up in 2012 to manage the use and maintenance of the building; appreciates that the building also acts as the home of the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre which collects historic material relating to the experiences of Jewish people in Scotland over the past 200 years; welcomes the ambitious plans to establish a Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre at the site, incorporating a Scottish Holocaust-era Study Centre, with the aim of promoting greater understanding about Judiaism, Jewish history and culture and the Holocaust; and wishes everyone involved with the synagogue all the best for the future.

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