House of Commons
Conduct of HMRC and the Roadchef Employee Benefits Trust
EDM #2688
Tabled 03 September 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House deplores the failure by HMRC to resolve its long-standing dispute with the Roadchef Employee Benefits Trust which is preventing the Trust from distributing funds to 4,000 beneficiaries; notes that six years have elapsed and HMRC have not confirmed what tax, if any, the Trust and its beneficiaries will be liable for; believes that many current and former low paid catering and cleaning staff who worked at Roadchef Motorway Services including at Harthill, Killington Lake, Sandbach, Watford Gap, Strensham, Taunton Deane, Magor and Pont Abraham have waited many years for money and that some have sadly died during the process; further believes that HMRC has withheld crucial information which could have resolved this matter earlier; and calls on HMRC to resolve this dispute as a matter of urgency through independent mediation, if necessary, and ensure that all the Roadchef beneficiaries can receive the money they deserve.

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