House of Commons
EDM #2689
Tabled 03 September 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates pupils and staff at Bell High School, Cupar, Fife for being selected from hundreds of schools to work with The Polar Academy; recognises the enormous task for pupils, the school and their families of raising £75,000 ahead of the 2020 Arctic Expedition; notes the Bell Baxter High School Polar Academy group's hard work has already generated a great deal of support from individuals and businesses across North East Fife; further recognises the tremendous opportunity the expedition and rigorous ten-month fitness and training programme offers in terms of increasing confidence, instilling self-belief and the ability to overcome challenges; and wishes the pupils and trip leaders success for the Easter 2020 expedition which involves a ten day self-guided 100km trek pulling 45kg sledges over frozen lakes and mountains at temperatures of minus 20 degrees, challenging their mental, emotional and physical stamina, and ultimately transforming their lives and inspiring others.

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