House of Commons
EDM #2692
Tabled 03 September 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House praises the strength of community spirit shown by local people in the wake of a devastating fire which destroyed Woodmill High School in Dunfermline; notes that the category five fire was one of the biggest dealt with by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service this year and caused such severe damage that the school is expected to remain closed for up to a year; recognises the impact that this incident has had on the more than 1,400 Woodmill High School pupils and their families, from S5/6 pupils preparing for exams to those reliant on the school's additional support unit; further recognises the many acts of generosity and kindness shown by numerous local businesses, community groups and individuals who have offered to help and made practical and financial contributions; welcomes the fact that a crowd funding page which set out to raise £1,000 to replace equipment lost in the fire has now raised over £13,000; and pays credit to the more than 80 firefighters who worked through the night to tackle the blaze, and to Headteacher Sandy McIntosh and Fife Council staff for their efficient management of the crisis and the deftness with which they have put in place alternative arrangements to ensure all 1400 pupils can continue their learning locally.