House of Commons
EDM #2754
Tabled 01 October 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Glasgow Caledonian University on the addition of The Marzaroli Collection to its Archive Centre; notes that the University has been entrusted by the Marzaroli family with the complete works of Oscar Marzaroli, a much celebrated and dearly treasured photographer; understands that Marzaroli's work captured a period of fundamental social change in Glasgow and is invaluable to Scotland's cultural heritage; supports the University's efforts in establishing the Marzaroli Fund to further develop the collection as a research tool for use both nationally and internationally; appreciates that the archive has been gifted some 50,000 negatives, some of which have never been developed or viewed; welcomes that the Fund will go some way in ensuring that these images are preserved for generations to come; is grateful for the work of the Old Gorbals Pictures project in supporting this project in the community; and looks forward to seeing the development of historical, creative and community projects from the richness of the Marzaroli Collection in years to come.

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