House of Commons
EDM #2771
Tabled 07 October 2019
2017-19 Session
That this House congratulates Pat Byrne, author and editor of the website Pat's Guide to the West End, on the site's 20th anniversary; notes that the website, which provides reviews, advice and information about cultural and social activities in the West End of Glasgow, first appeared online in 1999 as one of the first regular internet blogs; further notes that in the years since the site has produced over 36,487 individual pages of contents, 500,000 photographs, 3,163 weekly film listings, 223 pages of poetry and 80 podcasts; recognises the huge popularity of the site with locals and visitors to the area alike, which at its peak attracted around around 300,000 visitors a day, making it one of Scotland's busiest community-based websites, and that it has become an indispensable point of reference for anyone looking to find out more about events and activities across the West End; and wishes Pat and her husband and photographer Jim all the very best for the future of the site.