House of Commons
Sale and marketing of detox teas
EDM #23
Tabled 15 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House notes with concern the sale of detox tea products containing senna and other strong laxative ingredients to young people; further notes that these ingredients are usually used in medication to treat constipation and can have significant detrimental health impacts if used regularly primarily for weight loss; observes that detox teas are aggressively marketed through social media with a focus on unproven health benefits without reference to their harmful ingredients; further observes that detox teas are currently unregulated and can be purchased by people of any age; highlights that these products can exacerbate mental ill-health and eating disorders; and calls on the Government to ban the use of laxative medication in teas and to introduce a stronger regulatory framework and safeguards for the marketing of weight-loss products on social media.