House of Commons
Jailing of Catalan political and civic leaders
EDM #25
Tabled 15 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House expresses deep concern at the verdict of the Spanish Supreme Court in finding 12 Catalan political and civic leaders guilty of sedition, embezzlement of public funds and disobedience in relation to the 2017 referendum on Catalan independence and at the imposition of jail sentences of between nine and 13 years; notes that nine of those accused have already been held in preventive detention for nearly two years; rejects the proposition that bringing criminal charges is a way to resolve political differences; expresses further concern that this trial has further polarised opinion in Catalonia and has led to hostile and violent police action against peaceful, large-scale public protests; and calls for the annulling of these sentences and for the Government of Spain to engage in a proper and respectful process of dialogue with the Government of Catalonia.

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