House of Commons
Compass PLC and Blackpool and St Helens workers
EDM #36
Tabled 16 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That his House notes that hospital cleaning workers employed by the private contractor Compass Group PLC at Blackpool Victoria are currently in dispute with Compass over that company's failure to award them a decent pay rise to give them the same hourly rates as the NHS colleagues they work alongside, which is an unfairness experienced by other Compass workers in St Helens; believes that a multi-national outsourcing company that made £1.5 billion profit last year is able to afford an 82 pence an hour pay rise for its lowest-paid staff; deplores Compass' failure to engage properly to resolve the dispute for the past six months and that it is pressurising staff that have spoken out about difficulties in supporting families on their current pay and threatening them with disciplinary action; supports those staff and UNISON in their strike action; and calls on Compass to engage with a decent offer that addresses these workers' grievances.