House of Commons
Safety of taxi and private hire sector
EDM #46
Tabled 17 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House notes the hard work of the taxi and private hire trade, and that some of the legislation which governs licensing in the industry is dated back to 1847; recognises that new technology and changing transport needs mean than the UK desperately needs updated legislation; notes that the Government's taxi and private hire Task and Finish Group report from 2018, steps towards a safer and more robust system calls for new legislation, and that the report's introduction by its Chair, Professor Mohammed Abdel-Haq, states that undue delay would risk public safety and that the onus falls on the Government to improve legislation; notes that the Queen's Speech omitted any mention of a taxi or private hire Bill; and calls on the Government to introduce new legislation as soon as possible to improve safety in the sector.

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