House of Commons
Lisamaria Purdie: Head Teacher of the Year in a Primary School
EDM #64
Tabled 28 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House congratulates Lisamaria Purdie from Livingston on being awarded the Head Teacher of the Year in a Primary School at the Pearson Teaching Awards; congratulates her on being the recipient of the award on 26 October 2019; commends her skill in enriching the lives of her pupils by creating a warm, nurturing environment that supports every child be their best and being a key figure in her local community, for example by organising a Parent boot camp to help families get into shape; commends her commitment to the pupils of St Ninian’s Primary, Livingston; further commends her work to help other teachers achieve their full potential; and wishes her success for the future and is grateful for her continuing contribution to the teaching profession.